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Breed Record Supplement (BRS)
Our existing turnaround times for producing the Breed Record Supplement are as follows:
  • Q1 Breed Record Supplement - January – March registrations will appear in the Q1 Breed Record Supplement which will be printed and delivered during September
  • Q2 Breed Record Supplement - April – June registrations will appear in Q2 Breed Record Supplement which will be printed and delivered during December
  • Q3 Breed Record Supplement - July – September registrations will appear in Q3 Breed Record Supplement which will be printed and delivered during March
  • Q4 Breed Record Supplement - October – December registrations will appear in Q4 Breed Record Supplement which will be printed and delivered during June
We are sorry for the delays you are experiencing and we are working hard to reduce this time frame. Please do not contact us prior to these time frames, as we will be unable to provide an additional update. If your order is over two weeks from when the estimated delivery is scheduled, please contact Publications Mailbox .

Need to contact us via phone?

We recommend that you use the forms to resolve your query, however, if it is not possible to do so via this route then you can call us on 01296 318540 - please note there is a high demand on our phone lines so you may experience delays if you try and call.

Change of Kennel Club registered ownership

New applicants

Apply for a change of ownership via our online shop. 

I don't have the change of ownership document?

In order to change ownership you will need to have a copy of the change of ownership document. You will need to contact the previous owner to obtain this if you do not already have a copy. We are unable to contact the previous owner on your behalf or send you a copy.  

The change of ownership number doesn't work?

Please check carefully on your documents to make sure you are entering the details correctly. Please note codes do not contain the letter O, use the number zero.

You’re unable to locate your dog when completing the application for Change of Kennel Club registered ownership

If you have a physical copy of the registration certificate and are unable to locate your dog online via the Change of Kennel Club registered ownership then please complete and submit the hard copy Change of Kennel Club registered ownership form you have been provided with your dog registration via post instead.

Prior to sending your application, please ensure that the following information is included:

  • That the previous owner(s) have signed the document

  • That all new owners have also signed the document

Application updates

Applications are currently taking up to 28 working days to process from the date submitted to us. If your order is over this time scale, we’re sorry for the delays and request you notify us on our orders over 28 working days page. Our customer service team will take a look into this as soon as possible for you.

Checking if a litter is registered

Once a litter is registered it can be viewed on our dog look up. To do this you will require The Kennel Club registered name or number of the dam or sire to perform the search. The litter information will be listed at the bottom of the dog’s profile page.  


What is an endorsement?

Further information on what an endorsement is can be found on our endorsements web page

I didn't know an endorsement had been placed?

If you are a Kennel Club registered owner wanting to appeal against an endorsement believed to have been incorrectly placed. Please contact our breeder services team for further guidance on this process.
Find a puppy

Looking for a puppy

To find a list of breeders who register litters with us, please use our Find a Puppy service. If you are looking for a breeder who is an Assured Breeder with us, please use our Find an Assured Breeder service.

Further information 

You can find further information on how to purchase a dog in our getting a dog section.

Health test results

If you require your health results to be recorded, please email a clear copy of your dog’s test certificate to our health team.

I am recieving fraudulent telephone calls?
If you are receiving fraudulent phone calls, please take a look at our Data Protection (UK GDPR/DPA 2018) page.
I have not received my dogs hip/elbow scores?
The British Veterinary Association (BVA) receive the x-rays films directly from your vet and their scrutineers perform the scoring. At the end of this process The Kennel Club receives a copy of the results to record on your dog’s registration records. For any updates we would recommend you contact your veterinary practice. They can contact the BVA with their submission details for more information.
Mark your dog as deceased
To mark your dog as deceased, please use our deceased dog form.

Updating microchip details

If you need to add a microchip number to your dog for the first time, please login to your account, go to your dashboard then click on manage dogs and select manage number.

Changing a microchip number

If you have made an error or need to change the microchip number on your account. Please complete our update microchip details form to notify us of it.

Petlog customers

If you are with Petlog, please contact the Petlog team.

My dogs BVA eye test result has not been added to the Health Test Results Finder?
The British Veterinary Association are responsible for adding the results of eye examinations directly onto our database. Please contact them directly.
Puppy buyer update

What is the status of my puppys registration?

We are not able to discuss a litter application with anyone other than the applicant/breeder. For any updates on the registration of your puppy we would recommend you contact your breeder directly or take a look at our dog look up which will show any litters currently regiesterd with us on the dam profile.  

How long is it taking to register litters?

Please be aware, a litter application can take up to 28 working days to be processed and the puppy registration certificates to be received by the breeder. Delays with Royal mail can also impact on our delivery times during busy times. 

Puppy sales

We are unable to become involved in the private sale of a dog. However, a puppy buyer has a range of statutory remedies under consumer protection legislation. If you believe you been misled over the sale of your dog we would suggest you contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service for further guidance.

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